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Baby Measurements

How We Do Baby Measurements at StackMeUp:

Check out your baby's growth every day-why wait for a monthly checkup? Remember, all your input is completely anonymous and confidential, so please answer honestly to get the best results.
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Here at StackMeUp we take baby measurements seriously, because nothing is more important than your baby's health. On this page you can compare your baby measurements by weight, by length, and by head circumference. We recommend that you take a new set of baby measurements every month or to see how your baby compares to age appropriate growth patterns.

 Why Compare Your Baby Measurements?

There are many reasons you may want to compare your baby measurements. Maybe you may want to see if your baby is growing at a normal rate. Or if your baby really does have that unusually large head your friends talk about! There is no limit when it comes to reasons as to why you should compare your baby measurements.

How to Obtain an Accurate List of Baby Measurements

Now that we've went over how we do baby measurements at StackMeUp and some of the reasons you might want to compare your baby measurements, we should go over the most important part: measuring your baby! Usually doctors are the ones to measure your baby, but a concerned parent will can too.

Step 1, Weigh Your Baby.

The best way to take your baby's weight and get an accurate reading for your list of baby measurements is to use a baby scale. If you don't have a baby scale or you broke it trying to weigh yourself you can use this simple method. First, weigh yourself on an adult scale and write down your weight (don't worry we can't see you.) Next, weigh yourself with your baby and record that weight. Then subtract your weight from the weight of you and your baby. You should be left with a fairly accurate number. Only two more to go until you finish your baby measurements list!

Step 2, Measure Your Baby's Height.

This can be done laying your baby down on a table and measuring him from his head to the bottom of his foot while gently stretching out his leg and record the number. Only one more to go until you finish your baby measurements list!
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