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Bicep Size

How We Do Bicep Size at Stack Me Up:

Enter your flexed bicep size in inches. Don't forget to measure around the entire bicep with flexible measuring tape. Remember, all your input is completely anonymous and confidential, so please answer honestly to get the best results.
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At StackMeUp we take bicep size seriously, because let's face it, most people look at your biceps if you're a man or a woman. On this page you can compare your bicep size by gender and by age. We recommend that you compare your bicep size every few months, so if you've been hitting the gym, you can see the progress in your biceps. It will get you pumped up in more ways than one! 

Why Compare Your Bicep Size?

There are many reasons you may want to compare your bicep size. Maybe you want to see if your bicep size is growing after pumping iron for a few months. Or if you're a man you might want to see if your bicep size is larger than other men your age or perhaps a female your age (tread carefully, disappointment is possible). There is no limit when it comes to reasons as to why you should compare your biceps.  

How to Obtain an Accurate Bicep Size Measurement

Now that we've reviewed how we compare bicep size at StackMeUp and some of the reasons you might want to compare your bicep size, we should go over the most important part: obtaining your bicep size.

Step 1, Get a Measuring Tape.

The best way to measure your bicep size is with a store-bought measuring tape. If you're too cheap to buy one or if you're just eager to compare your bicep size, you can print a measuring tape here.

Step 2, Measure Your Bicep.

Simply wrap a measuring tape around the middle of your bicep and flex. We recommend measuring a few times to get an accurate reading.

Once you have your measurement you're ready to start comparing! Also once your done comparing your bicep size you can compare many other body parts here. So remember to have fun and as Popeye would say, eat your spinach!
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